Android Security - Can You Trust the Apps That You Down load?

While discussing the google android security, I'd like to talk about a credit card applicatoin that was developed by a programmer called Virgil Stowell referred to as MarketBug. This kind of application is simply a cell browser that was designed to look for certain keywords and then guide you towards the results. What made it totally different from various other mobile browsers was the reality it had this kind of special Android os feature that allowed you to do all kinds of things with your websites. For example , in the event that you where looking for a website and performed a search to the browser, it may well return a list of websites that matched the search.

The MarketBug staff made a comment in their blog that they feel that Android is fairly important and they don't have faith in taking applications that are based on iOS intended for security reasons. As mentioned above, MarketBug was a absolutely free app that the team needed to make available pertaining to users to download and use. Nevertheless , the programmers were asked to remove the applying from the retail outlet because it secured a Trojan viruses horse computer virus that would invade the entire mobile with adware and spyware. Therefore, the company completely removed the application from the marketplace. The whole tale can be found in news reports site Techdirt, where it may be one of the most read posts. There are numerous interesting information here such as the fact that programmers have been able to identify and remove the spyware and adware virus without the system coming into contact with the Trojan equine.

To me, this kind of shows that Android security is not going to always be weak in the near future. It demonstrates it is still possible to provide a great user experience with the many units that are out there. As long as app developers present an idea regarding the Android os security, after that there's no good reason that the system should go through for any justification.

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